Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scottish tablet cupcakes

Looking at my 'things to bake' list yesterday I realised something - they all contained fruit. A very summery list and yesterday was not very summery at all here in Ayrshire. So I turned my attention to an experiment I'd been meaning to have for quite some time now; tablet cupcakes.

For those of you unfamiliar with tablet (poor souls!), it is basically a crumblier, more buttery fudge. No chewing required as it melts in the mouth.

It is something I have grown up with and is traditionally handed out to kids at Halloween and is more often than not homemade. So I have something to confess! I bought this tablet. I know, shameful. But I justify it because this recipe was an experiment and making tablet can be time consuming, messy and I don't have a method which makes less than about oh... 50 squares?! But yes, terrible.

Anyway, I pared the tablet with a vanilla cake as tablet is incredibly sweet and doesn't need a competing flavour. For the frosting I ground up one bar of the tablet into a regular buttercream recipe and then added little chunks and mixed in lightly just before I frosted the cakes themselves. The result was an very sweet treat. One per person seems to be the limit before a sugar coma hits.

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  1. Oh scottish tablet how i do love thee :) Im such a fudge addict and that definitely extends to scots tablet too. These cupcakes just look ingenious and totally delicious. I think i would have a hard time not picking all the bits of tablet off the tops though, im one of those annoying people! :)

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  3. I don't think I've ever tasted a tablet! I must be one of those poor souls you talk about :( I must find some somewhere...

  4. Curious...never heard of tablets. What is the flavor? Adorable cupcakes though!

  5. Have you got a recipe for the tablet itself?